The Two Profitable Birds You Can Raise As a Livestock Farmer

Being a livestock farmer for a living has gained momentum amongst people that want to make extra money as a livestock farmer. But before you too begin this venture you have to know that there is a lot involved in order for you to get profits from your livestock.Raising livestock for profits requires you to dedicate a lot of your time to caring and managing your livestock. You also have to be prepared to invest some money in your project. Below are two types of livestock you can raise that don’t require that much investing to raise.Chickens:They are lots of reasons one can come up with on why you should raise chickens instead of other livestock. Chicken eggs are great treating and profitable. The meat is eaten by almost everyone all over the world which makes it a product that is always in demand.These birds have their own personality and uniqueness which make them unique birds. You can keep chickens in your backyard and still live your everyday life, at the same time meet the demands of your chickens. They can help fertilize your garden at the same time keep it clean by eating insects, beetles and worms.Owning chickens is low maintenance as well. You can feed them once a day and don’t need to bath them or take them for a walk. The only thing required from you is to build a chicken coop, feed them and collect your eggs.Ducks:Raising ducks is growing in popularity amongst livestock farmers. A lot of farmers raise ducks not only because they are profitable but because they live longer then chickens. Their houses are cheaper to setup compared to chicken houses and are less prone to common diseases.When raising ducks the first thing you have to do is build then a house that they can call home. The house can be a simple house built by cogon or bamboo. Some farmers build an artificial pond next to the house for the ducks to swim and enjoy them selves.The next thing is to feed them. New born ducks should be fed starter mash and when they turn six weeks old you can start feeding them grower mash. Ducks that are older then four months can be given laying ration.Duck products are high in demand. The eggs are big and taste a lot better then chicken eggs. Their meat is great tasting as well and is mostly served at high quality restaurants and hotels. This means if you produce duck products you can make a lot of money a duck farmer.